Malawi Project – Innovate UK Grant

Refgas are proud to announce that they have been awarded an Innovate grant for developing and deploying a small-scale gasification system in Malawi. Working with a Malawian charity called RENAMA – Refgas will be utilising plantation waste to not only supply power to a local factory and its community but are also going to be bottling surplus gas into small 1kg bottles and issuing camping style stoves to local families.

Another project partner is CamGas who will be advising with the implication of the syngas bottling
Refgas’ will be building on the recent developments with enriching syngas meaning that the calorific value for this system will be close to 10MJ/ Nm3 with less than 10% nitrogen meaning there are more options that simply running an engine generator.

It is also important that Refgas minimise the requirement of water for the process in Malawi – the project will also see dry gas scrubbing implemented into the system.