Malawi Project – Innovate UK Grant

Refgas are proud to announce that they have been awarded an Innovate grant for developing and deploying a small-scale gasification system in Malawi. Working with a Malawian charity called RENAMA – Refgas will be utilising plantation waste to not only supply power to a local factory and its community but are also going to be bottling surplus gas into small 1kg bottles and issuing camping style stoves to local families.

Another project partner is CamGas who will be advising with the implication of the syngas bottling
Refgas’ will be building on the recent developments with enriching syngas meaning that the calorific value for this system will be close to 10MJ/ Nm3 with less than 10% nitrogen meaning there are more options that simply running an engine generator.

It is also important that Refgas minimise the requirement of water for the process in Malawi – the project will also see dry gas scrubbing implemented into the system.

Swindon Energy Aerial View 2

Refgas achieves G59 testing on all 3 Jenbacher engines at Swindon Energy

A major stepping stone to commercialization was achieved last week when the last of the three Jenbacher engines at the Swindon Energy site was run and tested. Having been witnessed by the DNO, it passed its G59 tests with flying colours.

This process is undertaken in order to verify that the Swindon generating plant can safely work in parallel or synchronized with the mains electricity utility grid (National Grid) and all three engines have now proven that they can run and export power, using syngas manufactured from a feedstock of low grade construction/demolition wood.

In the coming weeks, the commissioning engineers will work to optimize the engine outputs before the plant goes fully on line in the first quarter of 2018.

Well done, team Refgas !!!

Refgas Team 1

Refgas team completes first units for Duarte Energy project

The 6MWE Duarte Energy project is now well under way, with the first pair of Refgas modules complete, the second pair being assembled on site, and the third pair being manufactured.

All being well, the 6 units will be installed and operating by the end of 2016, despite some 3rd party delays with leases and grid connections, and we hope to be pumping out electrons early in the new year.

From a standing start, and a handful of key staff 12 months ago, Refgas has now been transformed into a hive of activity, with the core team shown on the photo, and the best part of 100 strong team employed locally in delivering this prestigious project.

Welsh renewable energy technology developer, Refgas Ltd, got off the mark last week with major power generation project, to be fuelled by waste wood. The client is a new up-and-coming “green” energy developer, Duarte Energy Ltd, which has plans to build localised heat and power plants to feed energy-hungry industrial clients throughout the UK.

This first project will generate 112,000 MW of heat and electricity each year, enough to power over 12,000 homes !

“The patented Refgas technology converts waste wood from construction and demolition into an incredibly clean gas, cleaner than the natural gas we use in our homes”, stated Refgas’ MD, Paul Willacy. “We then use this gas as a fuel to drive engines and generate power”.

This success comes from eight years of expensive prototyping, testing and proving at the Refgas facility in Sandycroft, Flintshire.

So…… where is this first plant going to operate from ? “Watch this space”, added Paul, “ Whilst we can’t disclose that for commercial reasons right now, my money’s on it being in Wales”.

Refgas is based at Sandycroft, in Flintshire


Major waste management company invests in a greener future

Cleansing Service Group, one of the largest privately owned waste management companies in the UK, has strengthened its green credentials by investing in the renewable energy technology sector.


It has gained an equity stake in Refgas Ltd, the Deeside based developer of a state of the art, ultra clean, modular “green gas and energy” generating plant, in return for an “undisclosed but material investment”. This will help Refgas to build and operate its first commercial applications in the UK, which are designed to generate electricity, heat and cooling for large, energy hungry companies or to export green electricity to the power grid, replacing power from coal and other fossil fuels.


The ingenious Refgas technology converts waste wood and some other waste materials into a synthetic gas that is cleaner than natural gas! From there, the gas is used to fuel standard engines and generate power and heat, with each compact unit being capable of generating enough power to service a couple of thousand homes.


Neil Richards, CSG’s managing director (pictured front right) stated “Our whole philosophy is to recover or recycle waste materials wherever possible and avoid landfill disposal “.”The Refgas team has taken this one step further, using waste materials to generate power, on an impressive scale, with an incredibly clean, compact and efficient process”, he continued.


George Willacy, who founded Refgas 7 years ago and who personally financed its multi-million R&D programme stated, “We are delighted to be associated with CSG and their investment will ease and speed up our entry into the commercial marketplace”.


CSG has 23 of its own operating sites in the UK and some of these need a combination of heat and power on a large scale.


” We are certainly not alone in considering alternative energy solutions which are green, sustainable and able to save us a lot of money, now and in the future”, concluded the CSG managing director.