Welsh renewable energy technology developer, Refgas Ltd, got off the mark last week with major power generation project, to be fuelled by waste wood. The client is a new up-and-coming “green” energy developer, Duarte Energy Ltd, which has plans to build localised heat and power plants to feed energy-hungry industrial clients throughout the UK.

This first project will generate 112,000 MW of heat and electricity each year, enough to power over 12,000 homes !

“The patented Refgas technology converts waste wood from construction and demolition into an incredibly clean gas, cleaner than the natural gas we use in our homes”, stated Refgas’ MD, Paul Willacy. “We then use this gas as a fuel to drive engines and generate power”.

This success comes from eight years of expensive prototyping, testing and proving at the Refgas facility in Sandycroft, Flintshire.

So…… where is this first plant going to operate from ? “Watch this space”, added Paul, “ Whilst we can’t disclose that for commercial reasons right now, my money’s on it being in Wales”.

Refgas is based at Sandycroft, in Flintshire   www.refgas-uk.com