Paul Willacy

Managing Director

A graduate mechanical engineer and specialist in design, manufacturing and project management of multi-million pound developments within the oil industry around the globe. Paul began working with gasification in the year 2000 whilst working on a research project with Newcastle University for creating energy from oily waste streams.

In 2007 when joining Refgas, Paul’s background provided the solid foundation for managing the exciting growth and development of the Refgas brand and product. Game changing research, prototyping, testing, proving and improving are fundamental to Paul’s vision of Refgas’ future, striving to make the product the best it can be.

Since 2007, Paul has been involved in all aspects of the industry from the technical, project management and the engineering element right through to, project development, fund raising, planning and permitting, health and safety, energy trading, etc.

During this time, he has also been building an expert team of full time staff, specialist sub contractors and associates to ensure that all areas equipment design and manufacture can be offered to the highest quality and meeting all aspects in terms if safety and legislation.

Telephone: 01244 529589