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Modular systems to convert biomass and waste wood into clean synthesis gas which directly fuels standard gas engines to generate electricity, heat and cooling. Highly efficient and ultra clean, with no chimney stacks, boilers or complex and expensive processes.
The Refgas modules are designed around standard shipping containerised skids. In this way, each unit can be assembled and tested at our factory before is it easily transported and installed on site. Relocation is also possible, if required.
The Refgas modular design, with its small footprint, means that our units can be sited almost anywhere. Industries or facilities requiring power, heat, steam or cooling can benefit from lower costs, lower carbon emissions and control over their own power generation using their own on-site plant.
Decades of experience in the oil and gas industry have enabled the Refgas team to design and manufacture their gasification systems to the highest standards in quality and safety. Robust, reliable and efficient.........these are our key words.

A wide range of low cost feedstocks can be utilised for the production of heat and power.